Leather Processing Chemicals

These chemicals are used in leather processing industries.

  • Beamhouse
  •  Soaking 
  • liming 
  • Degreasing

      Degreasing is the process where your remove natural waxes and oil out of the hide . 





The process of introducing oil into a skin following tannage but before the leather is dried. In fatliquoring, which is usually applied to light leathers, the oil is introduced into the leather in such a manner that the individual fibers of the skin are uniformly coated. The actual percentage of oil on the weight of the leather is relatively small, being about 3 to 10%.

Our company provide different product in fatlquoring range for our customer with good price and highest possible quality within our range .


  • Natural 


  •  PrOil C-071

          Proil c-071 is a natural fatliquor based on canola oil , this is drying oil which give good lubrication and softness to the leather . 

  •  PrOil C-072

          Proil C-072 is fatliquor based on non drying castor oil . This product gives very good softness to leather . 

  •   PrOil B-081

           Proil B-081 is natural blended oil to be used for different leather where you require good softness at low cost. 

  •  PrOil B-082

           Proil B-082 is specially blended natural fatliqour where you require blend oil properties for the leather . 


  • Synthetic 
  • Combined
  • Cationic

Acidity regulator 

Formic Acid (Commericial)

This product is equalant in strength to formic acid 85% . it has good fixing power with very low envoirnmental impact .

ProAceT LE

ProACET LE is specialy formulated buffer system to be used in leather dyeing . This is very strong buffering strength and highly cost effect .

Technical Bulletin | SDS

  • Pigments





         PROCOAT GOLDEN YELLOW                          




         PROCOAT PINK   


         PROCOAT TAN

         PROCOAT VIOLET               


  • Binders 

        Probind 808

        Probind 808 is soft acrylic binder to be use with leather pigments in finishing , this binder have good wet and dry fastness properties 

       Probind 809

       Probind 809 is sytrene base semi soft acrylic binder for pigment finishing in leather . This binder is highly cost effect and gives very good wet and dry fastness properties 

  • Laquors 
  • Feel modifiers

          Profeel 701

          Profeel 703

          Profeel 705

  • Speciality

          Profeel WR-L 

          Protfeel WR-L is specially formulated parraffinic wax emulsion which gives very good water repellancy to finished leather .This product can be used alone or with other water repellent finishes like fluorocarbons to give good water and oil repellency at a great cost .

Technical Bulletin | SDS